Right now.

There’s this thick, rich, heavy stillness.

I could say it’s in my head or in my mind so you’d maybe understand what I mean.

Sort of.

But I don’t think it’s true.

It’s not really there.

It’s around that.

It’s in the background, oozing into everything else.

It’s what the whole world is built on.

My world.

This experience.

It’s funny to see how the stillness provokes the mind, and how that perfect little troublemaker is trying to create fear and discontent.

The mind doesn’t like this simplicity, it wants to get to work.

And the stillness doesn’t care.

It loves the mind.

It holds the mind.

It precedes the mind.

A deliciously lazy thickness is inviting me to step back, lay low, and calm down.

It’s like a low, soundless hum.

If it WOULD make a sound, it’d be something like


Because that’s how it feels, and how it makes everything look.


So good.

(Photo by @danielcgold, for Unsplash)

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