I’m looking for my twin flame.

My soulmate.

The divine lid to the jar that I am.

My significant other half.


No I’m not.

But it’s fun and exhilarating to believe in that stuff, that’s for sure.

All my life I saw myself as a really romantic person.

Kissing in the rain, little surprise trips, secret poems on scented pillows.

I did all that (and more).

And loved it.

And, well, maybe I’ll do it again, one day, maybe I’ll do it even more than before.

I don’t know.

It just seems that my definition of romance has shifted quite a bit.

It’s much bigger now.

It’s broader, more abstract, and way more inclusive.

It’s not just about a specific female counterpart and violins and roses, but more in general about life as an abundant, elusive adventure.

There’s no specific form connected to it, and no requirements are needed.

It’s a giddy feeling, actually.

A mix of expectation and appreciation.

The feeling of romance.

Can you feel it?

(Photo by @jamie452, for Unsplash)

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