‘People can’t be enlightened: you’re already that.’

For seekers who have come across non-duality or some other juicy philosophy about Oneness, this is one of many fucked up notions.

Because most seekers feel generally deeply lost and unhappy, which doesn’t sound very enlightened or blissful, and most certainly not like the Real Awakened Deal you’d expect.

So what the fuck does it mean, ‘you’re already that’?

Another one of those confusing situations or remarks is where a man with a beard and an off-white robe tells us that people don’t exist and that there’s nothing to explain, before entering into a three-hour monologue.

This stuff doesn’t make sense.

And that’s correct.

It’s all just play and diversion.

For the mind, this is an endless playground.

Or, for the apparent mind, I should say, because there’s not really such a thing.


That’s exactly why, in these specific spiritual circles, you often hear about the Absolute and the Relative.

The Absolute is Oneness, consciousness, life itself, always in motion.

And the Relative is the idea of being a person in a dangerous and unfair or beautiful and hopeful world, or at least a totally dual world, where everything is separate.

Listening to a teacher or guru means experiencing the Relative in order to find the Absolute.

This is weird (and endlessly frustrating) because the Absolute already contains the Relative.

It doesn’t make sense when you hear this non-existing person on the stage at the front of the room say ‘this is all there is, this is ALREADY all there is’.

Or, well, it’s not very encouraging, at least.

Because if you hate ‘this’ right now, the thought of that being all there is, can be devastating.

Tell me about it!

In my daily conversations about this stuff (all relative, of course, happening within the Absolute), I try to stay away from explanations that sound like spiritual quantum mechanics.

That’s not a deliberate choice, but simply how the Absolute is creating the Relative called Marnix.

I totally and deeply realize, I KNOW, that this is nothing but vivid imagination in the most beautiful and magical form, but that doesn’t take away the human experience.

I have yet to find a way to talk about this that includes everything and is 100% true, although I know that this will never happen.

In my human story, there seems to be a compelling inner urge, a deep drive, to keep working on the puzzle until I finally come to the place where I’m left with just one gigantic piece, which turns out to be me.

Or something like that.

Sometimes it makes me sad to realize how utterly impossible it is to fundamentally understand life, but the awe about that always wins.


No words will ever be able to tell you who you are.

The good news is that you’re already that.

* Ducks for cover *

(Photo by @honeyyanibel, for Unsplash)

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