For a couple of months, last year, I walked around with the idea to create an anxiety course.

Or a series of videos to help people who are caught up in it.

It seemed like a good idea to share my experience, both as a person suffering from it for years, and as a coach who often works around the topic.

Besides that, it looked like a perfect way to get some positive attention, or ‘eyeballs’, which could help me out marketing-wise.

The original idea was to do it in English, but in the end I decided to go for Dutch, as some sort of test drive.

I just wanted to see what happened.

It was a pretty cool experience.

I hired a nice-looking office for an afternoon, bought some equipment for recording images and sound, and fired away.

The only thing I’d decided upon was a specific order, and some chapters that made sense; the rest was glorious improvisation 🙂

After recording there was the editing, the addition of music, making the titles, creating the website, uploading the lot, and, as an extra, transforming the videos into podcast files.

All in all, quite some work, but a good experience.

I love trying out stuff and going all-in, and this was definitely one of those experiences.

Besides this, I also created and wrote my own website (multiple times), and do the same for all my ads and videos on YouTube and Instagram.

And then there are all the blogs, the stories I’ve been writing for more than one-and-a-half decades, which are partially (almost 800 of them) available through my site and

I honestly have no idea why I share this, but I’m obviously doing it and I’ve learned to not question those inclinations.

It’s fun and quite magical to do all that shit yourself, and keep everything close to the source.

What helps me is my extensive advertising background and the propensity to fuck around with stuff and see what it can do and where I can take it.

Of course I have no clue what this has done for my career and online presence, but it feels good to stay creative.

I love that fire, that exciting, elusive place of birth that’s not only my goldmine for online and offline (my books and music) creativity, but also for coaching.

I can say that I’m a creative by heart.

And that’s something to cherish.

(Photo by @sharonmccutcheon, for Unsplash)

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