‘Live like it’s your last day!’

‘Dance like nobody’s watching!’

‘Time is precious, don’t waste it!’

Oh, the romantic side of being human.

So precious.

So special.

If only life was more like Instagram.

And if only we’d learn to remember those cute little quotes and inspirational thoughts and live by them and act on them.

We’d be floating in the streets on wings of love, singing songs of hope and glory, gently embracing every beautiful creature we’d encounter.

‘You’re so beautiful…’ we’d whisper, with a single tear rolling from our eye.

We’d be kissing, and hugging, and holding hands.

And then we’d move on to the next amazing meeting.


Instead, we fight strangers on Twitter.

We worry as if we’re personally responsible for keeping the universe going.

And have no trouble fighting over a parking space.

That sloppiness is our reality.

We know so much.

We want so much.

We dream so much.

Life seems so simple, and sweet.


And then this asshole of a neighbor starts mowing his tiny fucking lawn with a big-ass motorized mower!

We have no clue how caught up we are in whatever narrative we get served.

One moment we’re deeply touched, and the next we’re totally outraged.

Until the next round of Facebook Frenzy.

Until we come across that inspirational pink post, with the graphic full of flowers and hearts.

‘Live like it’s your last day!’ it says.

And we nod in agreement.

Great idea…

What’s that fucking sound?

(Photo by @amyshamblen, for Unsplash)

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