The mind wants to know.

Always, always, always.

‘What’s this?’

‘Why is this happening?’

‘What will happen next?’

‘What is this feeling, and how can it be changed?’

Just watch it and see the endless activity.

It’s incredible.

And it’s unnecessary.

The amount of thinking is totally out of whack.

You don’t need to know everything.

You CAN’T even know everything, or anything, for that matter.

You can live without a lot of knowing, really.

But just start with watching.

Be present with the mind, and see how it’s questioning everything, out of habit.

It can’t be still.

It can’t watch, it can’t trust, and it can’t simply be.

That’s not bad, or personal, it’s just good to know.

Maybe that’s the most important thing to know.

The ONLY thing, even.

So just watch this non-stop activity.

See how the mind comes up with things you HAVE to know, even if you’re totally fine and safe and snug.

See the endless questioning, the pile of doubts, the hesitation, the problems.

And don’t follow it.

Just don’t.

Don’t jump on the mind train and start looking for answers.

Life can be incredibly straightforward if you stop fulfilling the mind’s needs.

It’s never satisfied anyway.

That’s okay.

It’s not your job to make it happy.

It CAN’T be happy.

It’s based on finding solutions and answers and theories and next steps.

You really don’t need those, most of the time.

At least not constantly.

‘What do I have to do an hour from now?’

‘What will happen tomorrow?’

‘What if they don’t like me?’

‘Why do I feel sad about the rain?’

‘Where should I go to feel better?’

‘What should I have for lunch, next week?’

‘Should I become a vegetarian?’

‘What’s next, and how can I prepare for it?’

‘Why can’t I be happy?’

‘How can we capture this exact moment and keep it like that forever?’

‘Why is life so unfair?’

It. Never. Stops.

Don’t try to end it.

Don’t try to bend it.

Don’t try to fight it.

Don’t try to change it.

Don’t try to understand it.

And don’t try to keep up, and obey.


Just stay as what knows, sees, and is aware.

So fucking simple.

(Photo by @shadmeeg, for Unsplash)

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