Here’s your friendly reminder.

Back away.

Don’t fight the voice in your head.

Simply back away.

Don’t pick up its frantic suggestions, its loud orders, its harsh remarks.

Back away.

Don’t engage with the panic, the doubts, the judgments, or the predictions.

Back away.

Drop that shit.

Don’t debate the thoughts, don’t try to outsmart them.

And don’t. Fucking. Argue.

Just back away.

One thought at a time.

And keep backing away.


And now.

Until the thoughts lose the power you innocently gave them.

Until the feelings are no longer fed by your attention and interest and urge to control, and you stop being a prisoner of that process.

Until you start to feel at home, safe, okay, connected to that subtle place within that’s untouched by whatever has happened and ever will happen.

Back away.

Keep going, over and over again.

Or don’t.

Maybe you disagree.

Maybe you think this is all denial, cheating, bypassing, or whatever smart terminology suits your personal view.

That’s okay.

Do your thing.

Fight your own war.

Drown in whatever thoughts arise.

I’ll just keep backing away.

(Photo by @brookecagle, for Unsplash)