So one day you realize that you’re holding yourself back.

At that moment you make the decision to put an end to that shit, and you decide to start grabbing life by the balls (or at least liberate yourself as much as you can).

Once you start exploring what’s going on behind the scenes, in the darkness of your psyche, you can find a whole lot of limiting beliefs and crazy assumptions.

Maybe you discover that you’re always jealous.

Maybe you find that you don’t speak up.

Maybe your thing is being passive-aggressive.

Maybe you encounter a crippling fear around abundance.

Or maybe you realize that your relationships always follow the same unhealthy pattern.

During this adventure, you will encounter a gazillion habits that are connected to the many covert ideas you have about life and people and money and sex and love and self-worth.

And that’s where it can get messy.

Now, you will make progress, for sure.

Once you start to shine a light on your foundational themes and beliefs, many liberating and astonishing insights will occur.

But very often it will ALSO look like nothing is happening or changing, almost as if you’re stuck in shit forever.

So one moment you’re quite happy with your growth and new clarity, and the next it seems like you’re still doing the same old stuff and nothing is different.

Only that’s not true.

You ARE changing.

You ARE growing and expanding and transcending and blooming.

It’s just that limiting beliefs have many ways to express themselves, and a lifetime of shitty (psychological) habits simply takes a lot of time to flush out.

Don’t see it as a setback.

See it as a win.

The fact that the same old mental patterns that you’ve learned to hate so much show up again is absolutely perfect.

Now you get to be with them, but from a different perspective.

From a newer version of you.

You get to learn from them, you get to hold them and feel them and even appreciate them because they were there to protect you and keep you safe.

And now you get to forgive yourself for judging yourself as a person who keeps doing the same stupid stuff.

Once you’re on your way it will not be effortless and flawless and painless.

It’s just that the messy moments are a sign that the patterns are dissolving.

Invite them over.

Enjoy them as much as you can.

It’s like a sickness leaving your system.

A sure sign that you’re healing.

(Seeing through your patterns can be hard. Our blind spots are really that. This is where a premium coach can assist you, tease you, push you, inspire you, and applaud you. I do all of those things until you are nothing like you used to be. Mail me!)

(Photo by @steinart, for Unsplash)

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