How quick and BIG change can start really small?

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One of the best therapists in the world is not a human being.

It’s a fungus.

I’m talking about a mushroom that contains Psilocybin (there are a couple of them).

And it’s not called ‘magic’ for nothing.

In the last six weeks, I did a cycle of microdosing, where I took one capsule containing a tiny amount of the good stuff twice a week, with a couple of days in between.

Yesterday I had my last capsule, and I have to say to you:

The effect it had and has on me is truly astounding.

It turns out that the mushroom is incredibly intelligent, powerful, AND gentle, and it loves to show you many insights about yourself that are extremely helpful and insightful and enlightening and practical.

There are SO many things I can attribute to the effect of taking these modest little pills (they’ll definitely not cause any hallucinations if you were wondering about that), that the list is almost endless.

But let me share just a couple of the benefits I’ve experienced.

One of the really huge things is the discovery of many crippling core beliefs that were holding me back and keeping me stuck, and the combination of microdosing and journaling worked wonders.

This by itself was absolutely transformational.

Another thing is that I feel more love for life, and AM more alive.

There’s just more appreciation, and it comes so easily.

I’m also way more sensitive to subconscious signals and subtle energy shifts, which is absolutely amazing when you’re a coach and people find it hard to express what’s going on deep within.

(Or if you’re a dad.)

I just KNOW so many things intuitively, or maybe I already knew them but the medicine has opened up the doors to this awesome capacity and made me aware.

I’m more compassionate.

I’m more patient.

I make my decisions way quicker, and most of the time without a hassle.

I see the innocence in people (and in myself) much more clearly than before.

I’m more forgiving.

And I take better care of myself and others in a thousand different ways, from emotional to physical.

Before I started this journey I knew nothing about mushrooms, and the idea of taking them actually freaked me out.

But a very sweet person on Facebook brought them to my attention, I started reading about the process, and the time was apparently right to just go for it.

There’s nothing scary about it, I promise, and in a way, the effects are really very subtle, but they’re also really profound at the same time, especially if you have some really professional guidance as I did.

I don’t normally recommend too many things to people, but this is an experience that can really change your life and the way you look at yourself in a fairly short amount of time, so I’m willing to share my secret miracle woman with you.

If you want to know more and if you’d like to try it for yourself (I’ll be there again, for a second round, starting March 27th) you HAVE to meet Susan Guner.

I did the six-week cycle with her, she led the very important Zoom calls for all participants with grace and safety and professionalism, and she provided loads of information on the Slack channel that was opened for this.

Susan is an absolute powerhouse: extremely knowledgeable, patient, caring, and very experienced.

So if you’d like to skip a couple of years of therapy and be deeply surprised by the intelligence of nature, do this.

Life will absolutely change for you.

Check out the info about the program here!!

(Photo by @bruno_kelzer, for Unsplash)

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