So what happens when you decide to change your life?

Well, first you’ll probably be flooded with good energy, and quite a few warm and motivating feelings.

The idea of getting out of the life you’ve been living and advancing toward an existence that is chockfull of the things you’ve always wanted can be very inspiring.

At first, there’s that, the wave of possibilities, and the first hint of future ownership.

You change a few things, you attack a few habits, you invest in an app or a course, you seem to make some progress, and then the almost inevitable happens: you burn out.

Eventually, the initial enthusiasm will be drained, the images of the new you will fade, and your mind will start discouraging you, pushing you back.

It’s like you’ve reached a new level, a plateau of boredom and disappointment about the lack of real outcomes, and the realization of how long this is probably gonna take.

It’s almost as if the mind has waited for this moment, as if it knew in advance that it would happen.

As if it allowed you to dream for a while and dwell in the vision of this new you, because it knew that the momentum will wear off.

That’s where it’ll get back at you.

Because the mind doesn’t want you to change.

Change sucks, change comes with new habits and routines, and those processes take a shitload of energy.

Since this energy is mostly used to keep you safe and small and in your tiny little cage called ‘Present Life’, the idea to spend a lot of it on stuff that’s unknown, is absolutely ridiculous.

The mind fears it and hates it.

So it will ALWAYS try to keep you where you are or get you back to that place after a while.

And as long as you believe the mind IS you, it’s really simple to accept its suggestions, its tricks, and its stories.

I’ve experienced this moment where the initial enthusiasm seriously starts to dissolve and the mind jumped in to kick me back, hundreds of times in my life, in various degrees of intensity.

Being aware of the mind makes all the difference in the world, but it’s not a guarantee for anything.

When you really feel discouraged, bummed out, uninspired, bored, or just really fucking frustrated because there hardly seems to be any progress, this is not just a bunch of thoughts, but a complete experience with a full, physical component.

You have to catch that too.

You have to be able to do things and be things you don’t seem to wanna do or be at that moment.

You have to Be bigger and more powerful than your experience seemingly allows, and you have to overrule whatever’s going on, even if you don’t really believe it’ll work.

It’s like stepping into the new you (long) before it’s there, and that is something you can learn and cultivate.

It’s where you stop the discussions with your mind and simply refuse to listen to its logical-sounding assessment of the situation.

You just KNOW, in your bones and probably even way deeper, that there’s always the ultimate choice of disengagement and making a new choice of being that’s beyond what seems possible on an intellectual level.

You step away from the mind with all your might, and find yourself in a place of fresh possibilities, of new options, like the moment before the best sunset in the world.

It can take a while before you get the hang of this, but it will become the best tool in your box of cool tools, bar none.

The ability to step back from the moments of pain and boredom and frustration, where you ignore the illusory uselessness and hopelessness of the situation, is where the biggest shifts happen.

And if you have no idea how to do that or be that or where to start, let me show you.

Shifts happen wherever I appear.

Mail me.

(Photo by @anakin1814, for Unsplash)