I LOVE to work with creative minds.

Connecting with the extraordinary, vivid imagination of leading creatives and creative leaders makes me feel alive.

I cherish the challenge, the depth, and the thrill of exploring new realms.

I just love the crazies.

Does this appeal to you?

Maybe you are SO damn creative and inventive that it borders on the insane, the inappropriate, or the distasteful.

Maybe your creativity makes you a raving artist, an outlier, an infinite source of new ideas you can’t seem to control.

And maybe you are also deeply disconnected from the normal, the mundane, and the everyday, and so you get lonely.

It can be really, really hard to live like that, to live your genius in a world full of conventions and straightforward thinking.

Your unique weirdness can make it incredibly challenging to adapt and conform, and maybe you’re not even interested in that.

Your unusual talent is extremely valuable, but what does it cost you?

The world craves your craziness, but it doesn’t need you burning out.

And that’s one of the places where I come in.

I can help you deal with your beautiful, crazy mind, and thrive.

I can guide you in achieving flow and joy, in a more consistent and less frantic way.

Because I’m not just the Creative Coach, but also the Crazy one.

Let’s have an unusually cool conversation!

Mail me.