One of the reasons I like to be coached is that it makes me feel good.

Stuff that seemed problematic and heavy at first, now seems to drift away.

My world opens up, and my spirits are lifted.

Life looks much simpler.

I love it!

In that frame of mind, it’s much easier to find solutions and let go of doubts and worries.

And you know what?

Coaching somebody feels really good too.

It’s almost like I have to go to another place, a better and safer bubble, to make the conversations work, and that changes the atmosphere.

For me, coaching feels like being without myself.

Without the limitations of my memories, the boundaries of my knowledge.

When I’m in that place with my client person, we share this sense of goodness, this freedom, this spaciousness.

And amazing things happen, just like that.

Some time ago I talked to a really amazing coach and they told me that there were moments where coaching almost felt like an addiction.

It was THAT good.

And I know.

Do you think you’d benefit from that kind of energy?