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Writer and coach.

Let's uncover your TRUE potential!

Yeah, I know the dark side.

I did the booze and the drugs and the cigarettes.

I suffered through years and years of depression, anxiety, self-pity, anger and other devastating crap.

And one day while the pain seemed unbearable, I realised I wanted to quit, you know, really QUIT, getting out of existence.

But I didn’t.

And it’s all old news, my friend.

For over six years now, I’ve been more free and happy and creative and loving than ever before. Without ‘positive thinking’, without constantly working on myself.

It’s all truly effortless, relaxed, natural.

And I’d love to show you how it’s done.

Although my books are Dutch only (at least at this point in time), my transformative coaching is available in English.


Some clarity.

  • I work with people who feel lost, depressed, anxious, stressed out, bored, spiritually exhausted, hungry for awesomeness, addicted, ánd
  • I help clients ‘Find a cure for their success’ (real fulfilment instead of the endless quest for shallow, superficial, expensive stuff)
  • I show people the way to their inner source of wellbeing, growth, creativity, tenderness, enthusiasm and resilience
  • It’s like finally waking up to your true potential, exploring the space within and connection to the real magic in you
  • It’s fucking awesome


There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken, and you never were.

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I am an official Three Principles Global Community practitioner. Visit the website.

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