The Art of Pure Creation.

It’s one of those things you hear people say all the time. To ‘live in the now and fully enjoy it’. It sounds so simple, so obvious, but HOW do you do it? And if you actually could: wouldn’t that make you lazy and naive?

Hell no! Let me tell you about all the things you’re capable of and the amazing life that’s waiting for you, once you’ve learned how to conciously and joyfully create!

Powerful coaching.

An (emotionally) richer life, more creativity, much more connection. All things more effortless, elegant and simple.

Natural joy, and flow.

It’s possible. All of it. Even the things you dream about but somehow feel superficial. Because really powerful coaching crushes the shit that’s holding you back, it helps you get rid of stale ideas, and it puts you in a place of powerful creation. Who would you need to BE to get what you really want? I’ll help you find the answer, and be your biggest fan during the process.

That’s what I offer. The freedom to live the life you’ve been dreaming about.

Caught up in ideas.

Does this sound familiar?

You keep crashing into a specific obstacle, you really want to make a change, it seems you’re a victim of your habits, or you’re looking for a way to create a new, amazing life. You’re longing for freedom, love, happiness, success, fulfillment, and, if possible (please!) some peace of mind. Or at least one of those things.

But it never happens, no matter how hard you work, even though you’d love to!

  • Why is it so incredibly hard to change?
  • Why is it that you can read an endless amount of books or watch an infinite number of videos, why is it that you can know exactly what you’re supposed to do, and STILL can’t make it happen?
  • Why do you get stuck all the time, why do you quit before the miracles have happened, why don’t you do what you’d LOVE to do, and why don’t have enough willpower?

The answer to all those questions: you’re being lived by unconscious patterns, AND you probably have no idea about your true potential. You don’t know what you’re actually capable of. You simply don’t see the gateway to conscious creation, the key to building a reality and a world that surpass everything you know.

In short: who you THINK you are, is what’s stopping you.


Same old, same old.

From our earliest days in life we’ve been fed with ideas about who we are, what we or aren’t capable of, what we deserve or not, what the world is about, and what is and isn’t possible. This amounts to millions of subjective limitations, restrictive stuff that you’ve come to deeply believe, and you’re still suffering the consequences.

All those things have become your world.

And your present way of thinking, your fixed ideas about how things work (who look like the absolute truth to you), don’t allow the changes, the shifts you want. And that system keeps you where you are. It holds you in a place that may not be ideal, but somehow feels comfortable and safe, even if you’d LOVE to change it.


What to expect?

The effect of truly powerful coaching is the same for everyone, and it’s also completely different.

The same is the freedom to live, the joy, and the sweet simplicity of following your intuition every day. The variation is found in what to do with that freedom, or what to leave behind.

That’s completely up to you.

Some examples.

Self confidence.

Doing what feels right, saying what you want to say, being who you truly are. It sounds ideal and awesome and free. But also far away, because: HOW do you go about all that?


Why are we here? What are you living for? What is your vocation, if any? And can you live more fully, deeper, more authentic? Existential questions can really open things up.

Less worrying.

Many people do it all the time: worrying. It is physically draining and keeps you awake at night. What would happen if you’d stop doing it? Is that even possible? What does a life without stress look like? Let’s find out!


Sure, it’s pretty cool to play adult, but it’s also VERY serious and complicated. How about bringing back some of the pure childlike pleasue and curiosity we once knew? It will make everythying more fun!

Beating addiction.

Being addicted doesn’t necessarily mean living under a bridge. There are many generally accepted ways of escaping reality and numbing out profoundly. Become free of the things that hold you captured and small!

Anxiety no more.

Always scared of something, or nothing. Stressed out and restless all the time. It seems to be the modern way of life and very much unavoidable, but it’s really unhealthy and unnecessary. How about we explore a new way of being and living?

Can’t find your thing?

The examples I just mentioned are purely to give you an idea about the versatility of transformative coaching.

You can rest assured that I have come across most of the things people struggle with, and I have also seen most of those things vanish.

My coaching is all about uncovering and restoring YOUR resilience, independence and self-reliance. This ensures that it will be you who comes up with new solutions for habitual shit.

You are capable of so much more than you think right now, and once you’ve tasted that power, you’re on your way to being unstoppable!

How about  dreams and targets?

Sure, that works for me. But not as the ultimate phenomenon, as the end goal. Because if you REALLY want to be free in life, to be truly autonomous, you shouldn’t rely on results for your wellbeing and happiness.

Success will be the mere side effect of your clear and uncluttered mind, and targets can be inspiring and exciting, but not beatific.

The big goal will be to feel really and sustainably awesome and content and liberated, without the burden of attachment or external desires. All the rest is optional, and life becomes the most amazing game!

Rockstars and billionaires.

We all kinda know that wealth and stuff don’t make us ultimately happy (thanks to the many miserable super-rich), but we also believe we’re the exception to that rule. Or we just don’t care about the truth. So we keep on chasing external goals, one after the other.

The only right order in which to approach all of this (if you ask me), is to become happy FIRST and use that mental and mindful freedom to conquer the world and acquire five enormous mansions. Or just grow vegetables and milk a goat on a Portuguese mountain top.

Whatever you want.


What DO you want?

And what makes me the right person to help you?

That is actually a solid and relevant question, because you don’t just put your mental health in the hands of any weirdo with a good story.

So it’s good to know that I have won my spurs. With education and endless ways of (self) study, but mostly in life itself. By living, and suffering, and owning that.

I have been a coach for years and helped way over a thousand people.

A miserable resume.

Apart from my ‘normal’ careers (as a copywriter, and author, and a singer/songwriter), I have struggled for years with dark and suffocating moods. So my mental health resume lists impressive labels like Addiction, Depression and Anxiety. Yup.

Those are all things that belong to the past, though, and I have been in a very good and clear mental (and spiritual) place for quite some years. But it means I know what I am talking about, and that makes a difference.

How and where are the sessions?

Well, where do you want them? In general they can be everywhere in the world, both digitally and physically (depending on Covid-restrictions, of course). Most of my coaching is done online, and that works absolutely perfectly.

If you’d rather meet me in person, we can arrange that. We can meet in an inspiring venue close to the canals, or go for a hike in the forest. Sometimes people visit me in Amsterdam for a couple of days, to be fully emerged in a ‘coaching intensive’.

Whatever you want!

Some podcasts

and videos.

A TEDx-talk

In 2015 I was asked to do a TEDx-talk. I had one year to prepare, and I used that time mostly to worry about it. At first I didn’t really appreciate it that we were supposed to do it in English (I hardly did ANYTHING in English back then), but that turned out to be a really good thing.

The TEDx-talk has been doing quite well on YouTube, and most of the visitors are English-speaking, so there you go!

In this talk I tell people about my years of crippling anxiety around almost anything, and I share a pretty powerful metaphor that helped me completely change my life.

Jacquie Forde

I had a really cool, unashamedly human conversation with Jacquie Forde, a well-known Scottish coach and amazing human being. We had fun!

(Here’s the link)

Amy Johnson

Oooooh, this was SUCH a pleasure! Having a chat with my favorite Amy: Dr. Amy Johnson. We talked about waking up, non-duality and feeling really scared. And much more!


(Here’s the link)

Amanda O’Shea

My friend Amanda O’Shea is an excellent coach (specialized in addiction), living in Spain. You couldn’t wipe the smile from her face in a million years! Listen to our bright and sunny conversation, that was the start of Amanda’s ’90 in 90′-project.

(Here’s the link)

Christian McNeill

I had a really cool conversation with Christian McNeill, a great coach living in Glasgow. Together we explored the topic of ‘being addicted to bliss’, and the trap of working very hard to be a ‘spiritually perfect’ person. Christian, like me, has a personal experience with addiction, and we talked about how we can always find new ways to numb ourselves.

(Here’s the link)

Jachym & Natasha

A conversation I really cherish, ‘Live Life Aligned With Jachym Jerie & Natasha Koo’. A sweet and bright couple that has a unique flavor when it comes to podcasts!

(Here’s the link)

Dave Knight

This is a really cool conversation I had with Dave Knight. About addictions and willpower (what is that anyway?), and the ‘risk’ of making complicated situations simple (which is the best thing we can do for suffering people, if you ask me). You’re gonna like it!

(Here’s the link)

Marina Pearson

Can you talk about addiction, depression and anxiety while having fun? Well, find out for yourself and listen to this really cool episode of The Joy Of Being with coach Marina Pearson.

(Here’s the link)

Dennis Tardan

Now this was a pretty special and inspired conversation, while being on the podcast of Dennis Tardan. We talked about love, addiction, healing, consciousness and what it means to be a man in 2020.

Make some space, relax and surrender to this talk.

(Here’s the link)

Nicole Barton

Nicole Barton is ‘a Self-Rediscovery Mentor and Creativity Coach who helps people feeling lost and burnt-out to unravel a life they love by embracing simple self-rediscovery principles. I have a passion for gently reconnecting people to their wisdom and truthful possibility’.

I had a really cool and engaging chat with her and some participants, where we talked about creativity, miracles, following your heart and not taking life too seriously while doing all that. It was a pretty amazing and inspiring conversation, so go and check it out!

(Here’s the link)

Stephanie Benedetto Padovani

How do you sell yourself without selling yourself? How do you find your voice and learn to trust it? How do you get to a place where you feel real and inspired and authentic and powerful? In this conversation with the amazing Stephanie Benedetto Padovani we talk about all this stuff that can seem so daunting and complicated… and make it really simple again.

No methods, no steps, no tricks. What’s left? Just find out for yourself!

(Here’s the link)

Your new life starts with a single conversation.

If you are serious about your wish to live more playfully, more free and much lighter, let’s meet. My coaching is not for everybody so we’d better be sure, right?

A Zoom or Skype session to get to know each other is easily set up, so let’s get it on. If you REALLY prefer to meet me in person, of course we can look into arranging that.

Ask whatever.

When we meet, you can ask me whatever you want to ask. I tend to reserve at least an hour for these initial conversations, so we get a better feeling about our connection. If it turns out we’re not a good match, that is not a problem for me. On the contrary: it’s just pretty practical to know so we can avoid wasting each other’s time.

To get in contact use the form below, or send me an email straight away!


So, is there anything I can do for you? Are you looking for some life-altering coaching? Ready for transformation and eager to life a full, joyful, playful and creative life?

Or do you have a question for me?

Send me a message and we can discuss it!

You’re welcome!

All visuals made by Pablo Stanley, for Open Doodles.