coaching intensive

Bring your shit and leave it here!

Ready for an absolutely lifechanging experience? Come to Amsterdam and spend a couple of days with me!

(Either English or Dutch spoken.)

An intense rendez-vous

How would you like that?

For 2 or 3 days I’ll be your host and guide and clarity wizard. We’ll explore life from a fresh perspective. We will talk deeply for hours but also rest in silence and tranquility.

We will have fun and you will feel deeply appreciated and listened to.

You will get to know yourself like never before. And all the crap and bullshit that has been bugging you forever, can be left here. Amen.

We do whatever we feel like doing, and go wherever we want to go. I’ll be there and sometimes I won’t, so you have a lot of time and space in between. And together we will slow down to the speed of life and find delicious clarity of mind.


Totally, utterly enlightening!

Fresh and bespoke

No two intensives are ever the same.

We will be inside a lot, or not much at all. We will converse in a stylish professional setting, or visit the forest or the zoo or one of the famous Amsterdam museums.

Some of the program will be arranged up front, but there is always room for improvisation.

Let’s just do what feels right!

Unforgettable flow

Addiction? Anxiety? Stress? Low self-esteem? Existential emptiness? Rich in money but poor in spirit?

Feeling like life is slipping away in a daze of dullness?

Just bring your shit and leave it here.

Let’s crack the uncrackable, get out of your head and dive deep into the flow. Treat yourself to an invigorating intensive in a beautiful city. Create a few memorable days with me, and discover a fresh outlook on life.

Sounds good?

Mail me today for an exploratory conversation. I’d love to hear from you!

Graag gedaan!

All visuals made by Pablo Stanley, for Open Doodles.